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Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. The headquarters is located in Hualin Industrial Park, Huating Town, Chengxiang District, Putian City. It covers an area of ​​17.3 acres and has a modern plant of 20,000 square meters and low temperature assembly. There are more than 20,000 cubic meters of cold storage and 4 automated production workshops. Currently, it has cooperative processing factories in Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, and Dandong, Liaoning Province. The daily output value is more than one million yuan, and the market is spread all over the country. It is established in 29 provinces (municipalities) Cooperative offices have a complete sales network.
    Yaming is a benchmark Chinese enterprise that integrates R & D, production, and sales, and has passed the assessment of the "two-informatization" (informatization and industrialization) integrated management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; it is the organizer of the first Chinese Chinese cuisine industry development forum Unit; is the author of China's "Pre-packaged Dishes" group standard; is the drafting unit of China's "frozen and refrigerated food terms and classification" group standard; it is the top 100 socially responsible enterprises of Chinese food companies in 2017-2018; won the 2018 Chinese food company Social Responsibility "Food Safety Commitment Award"; won the title of "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" in the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up in Fujian Province; and was awarded the title of "Fujian Standardization Industrial Base in Fujian Province"; won the "Specialized and Special New" in Fujian Province in 2018 Enterprise; won the title of "Provincial Demonstration Base for Industry-University-Research Cooperation" in June 2019. It is an outstanding leading enterprise in China's food industry in 2016-2017; a demonstration enterprise for the establishment of a credit management system for food industry enterprises in 2017; a demonstration unit for brand cultivation of industrial enterprises in Fujian Province in 2017; a benchmark enterprise in Chinese cuisine production in Fujian Province; The vice chairman unit of the Association's Frozen and Refrigerated Food Professional Committee; the honorary chairman unit of the China Cuisine Association's Famous Chef Committee; the group member of the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society; the vice chairman unit of the Fujian Food Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of the Fujian Food and Beverage Industry Association, Vice chairman unit of Fujian Nutrition Association. Won the second prize of the 3rd Fujian Food Industry Science and Technology Progress Award; won the 2018 "China Food Industry Association Science and Technology Award" Won the "National High-tech Enterprise" in December 2019; the group standard of China's "Pre-packaged Dishes" written by the company from November to December 2019 was officially released and implemented; in December the company "Key technology innovation and industrial application of abalone deep processing and comprehensive utilization The project won the "Science and Technology Progress Award" issued by the People's Government of Fujian Province.
    Yaming is a fast-growing emerging enterprise. The modernization of facilities and management has brought about a continuous and substantial increase in output value and tax payment. It has become a large taxpayer with continuous growth in Putian City. The tax payment increased by 28% in 2016 compared with 2015 and 2017 Year-on-year growth of 23.5% compared with 2016, an increase of 24.15% in 2018 compared with 2017, and a tax payment of 5.25 million yuan in 2019, an increase of 30.3%. .
    Yaming pays attention to technological R & D and innovation, and has applied for more than 200 intellectual property rights. Cooperate with Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to establish a joint project R & D center for Chinese dishes, and work together with the Agricultural University Academy of Food Science and Technology to develop and develop nearly ten series of more than 50 varieties of efficient and healthy hotel quick-frozen dishes, Dream 8 Gold Bone, Yaming Pork Neck, Snow The main products such as beef grains, boiled swan, Korean-Australian tongue, granule incense, beef sauce with leg sauce, snow carving silverfish, vermicelli swan eggs, acacia shellfish, etc., are widely favored by customers, of which Dream 8 gold bones won the Fujian Province 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up Food Industry "Single Product Champion Award"; Became "Fujian Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "Fujian Province Brand Service Excellent Unit" and "China Good Food Famous Brand Enterprise"; Local Product List ". In February 2019, through the agreement document for the licensing of academician expert workstations, in June 2019, it was successfully approved to establish a provincial-level "academic expert workstation".
Yaming company is honest, trustworthy and full of social responsibility. Enthusiastically participated in public welfare activities such as poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, and donated more than 3 million yuan for charity. It has been commended as "Putian City Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise", "China Food Safety Integrity Demonstration Unit" and "China Food Enterprise Top 100 Socially Responsible Enterprise".
    Mr. Wu Qiming, founder of Yaming Company, was praised as "the father of Chinese cuisine standardization". He is a first-class culinary technician in China, a master of Fujian cuisine, and a registered Chinese culinary master. He is also the pioneer and leader of the Chinese food standardization industry. He has 27 intellectual property rights. "Title, in 2017 was awarded" Fujian brand development and innovation figures. " In November 2018, he was hired as a visiting professor of Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College. In March 2019, he passed and established Wu Qiming Skill Master Studio. In 2019, he passed the title of senior economist. He spent 30 years mastering the core technology of Chinese cuisine standardization, so that there is no difficult cuisine in the world. For Chinese dishes, he has a huge universal feelings, he firmly believes: Chinese food can go to the world, Chinese food makes human life better!
    Since the establishment of Yaming, it has actively promoted the Chinese catering culture, strived to innovate and develop the standardization of Chinese dishes, built the Yaming brand with ingenuity, and strived to enhance the influence of the Chinese national catering. The development goal is determined to create a century-old Yaming brand that is beneficial to employees, customers, industry and society, so as to achieve the company's "Double Hundred Goals" and strive to build a green, healthy, high-quality and efficient Chinese food standardization industrial base.