Shi Shang Yaming June 6, 2015 (12 issues in total)
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Shi Shang Yaming June 6, 2015 (12 issues in total)

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That's right, we have come to the “Eat Food Festival”  in this 
Ok. . . "Dragon Boat Festival"!
Alright alright. . . . Dragon Boat Festival!
What? You only know Dragon Boat Festival, I do not know Duanyang?!
Keke! Yaming Food Doctor will come out again, "Preaching FAQs"!
The so-called Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the 5th Festival, Duanyang Festival, the 5th Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Day Festival, the Summer Festival, the May Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Pujie Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Bathing Lantern Festival, the Qu Yuan Day, and the Bathing Orchid Festival, Midday Festival, Daughter's Day, Earthfest, Poet's Day, Dragon Day, Midday, Festival of Lights, Five Egg Festival and many more. Yes, in short, Dragon Boat Festival is a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan!
In order to respond to the situation, Yaming also came to the arts and crafts, and attached a poem of the Tang Dynasty Wenxiu to read Dragon Boat Festival!
Regarding the Dragon Boat Festival, the rumors are Qu Yuan.
The ridiculous Chu Jiang is empty and cannot be washed straight.
Well, returning to the “Eat Food Festival” of “粽” in “粽” is undoubtedly, this is a Dianzi Festival, with lots of sweets, bitters, and salty tastes. I hope you have not lost it in the colorful sea of ​​scorpions. Dr. Yaming Foods warm reminder: The main component of wolfberry fruit is glutinous rice, glutinous rice is lukewarm, containing plant fiber is both long and long, and eating too much will increase the gastrointestinal burden.
Therefore, Yaming hereby solemnly recommended:  duck! Sugar cane smoked, fresh and delicious!
Yaming Foods launched the “Looking Duck Taiwan” for “Looking for Taiwan Food Series”, which is the “Ilan Duck Duck” originated from the head of four treasures in Yilan. On the basis of retaining Yilan's traditional techniques of sugarcane smoked, it is supplemented with unique technology of Yaming. : Maintain the prototype and remove bones. To ensure that each "duck and duck" is bright red, from the inside to the outside, from the meat to the skin are soaked with the full sugar cane fragrance, each mouth is the furthest jump of the tip of the tongue, the highest taste of taste buds, tender and delicious, lips and teeth Stay fragrant.
"Lady Duck", start your Taiwanese food tour!
Yaming Dragon Boat Festival, crickets and ducks are more equipped with oh ~
Sweep to buy it!
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