Shi Shang Yaming May 2015 issue 5 (total 12 issues)
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Shi Shang Yaming May 2015 issue 5 (total 12 issues)

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On the evening of April 29, 2015, the annual annual meeting of Fujian Yaming Foods Co., Ltd. was held at the Sunworld Holiday Hotel in Putian, with great momentum! Sales personnel from all sales regions in the country, friends from all walks of life, Yaming Foods The suppliers, the distributors of Yamin Foods, and all the family members of Yaming Foods have worked tirelessly and came to attend the 2015 Yaming Annual Meeting. Everyone gathered to share the feast and laughter continued. Sing and dance again and again!
First of all, a high-sounding song ignited the first shot of the annual meeting of the Yaming Food Festival, kicking off the prelude of the annual meeting. With gorgeous appointments, sharing the fruits of Yaming 2014, with the prosperity, talk about the glory of Yaming 2015!
Then came the four youthful and beautiful hosts who made the atmosphere of the scene into the peak. They were the most lovable people. They took a light step and warmed everyone in the audience with the most beautiful voice. Play with the atmosphere of the whole party.
The 2014 financial year is a bumper year. In the first month of 2014, we at Yaming people proposed: to do a better Yaming, to be a better person! In 2014, in terms of honor, Yaming won the “national high technology The honor of the enterprise; in the aspect of charity and charity, we Yamin people actively participate in charity and public welfare undertakings, and broke through charitable donations in previous years; in terms of taxation, we have become the taxable honors list of Putian City; under the correct guidance of relevant leaders, in society With the support of friends, suppliers and dealer partners from all walks of life, with the joint efforts of the people in Yaming, we have achieved great achievements, and broke through the historical record of annual sales revenue, and achieved further trust with our customers' suppliers. Precipitation of a group of elite employees and the development of a series of highly acclaimed products!
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