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- He is the creator of the Chinese food standardization industry;
- He is one of the creators of patents for standardized inventions of Chinese dishes in China, and he has 27 intellectual property rights;
- He is the vice president of the Fujian Food Industry Association;
- He is the vice president of the Fujian Cuisine and Catering Industry Association;
- He is the vice president of Fujian Nutrition Association;
- He is an expert of the Fujian Provincial Culinary Experts Committee;
- He is the president of Yinzhou Chamber of Commerce in Putian City;
- He is a model of labor in Putian City;
- He is a talented person in Putian City and a leader in science and technology entrepreneurship;
- He is the president of Zhangzhou Pinghe Charity Federation;
- He is an adjunct professor at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University;
He mastered the core technology of Chinese cuisine for 30 years and made the world no hard-to-do food.
For Chinese cuisine, he has a huge universal feeling. He believes that Chinese food can go to the world and Chinese food can make human life better.
Under the leadership of the founder Mr. Wu Qiming, after 30 years of technical precipitation, he worked with the College of Food Science of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to independently research and innovate and innovate multiple patents, and developed a series of classic dishes with rich and novel products, stable and unique taste, and convenient and fast cooking. , For the majority of hotels and service catering enterprises to provide safety and health, high-quality classic dishes.
Mr. Wu Qiming manages the team that the company has built for 15 years, concentrates on the dedication and full of wolf spirit. He is not afraid of the market and tries his best to make the company's financial system, operation system, marketing system and production system a professional, standardized and standardized company. As a model for the industry, it is unique in the field of Chinese-style hotel cuisine. With a high market share, it has set up cooperation offices in 29 provinces (municipalities) and has a complete sales network.
Mr. Wu Qiming never forgets to contribute to the society while actively developing the business. He actively participates in social charities and charities, and establishes the “Yaming Charitable Foundation” to fund the “Prize for Scholarship,” “The University Student Dream”, and “Caring for the Elderly” and other charities. Charitable activities.
Armed with the love and support of the government and people from all walks of life, Yaming Foods has developed by leaps and bounds, and its products have been recognized and recognized by industry peers and markets.