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Company Culture

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Asian food
Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China, is known as the “pometo” and is the hometown of Lin Yutang, the world’s master of language. On August 17, 1971, a baby boy descended on a poor farmer. His parents renamed him as Wu Qiming. He suddenly dropped out of school at the age of 17. Like most of the young people who worked hard outside, he came to a small restaurant in Xiamen and became an apprentice. In the baptism of years, from elementary school students, junior chefs, intermediate chefs to chefs. In spite of the sweat, but also harvested the first valuable experience of life experience!
In the spring of 2003, SARS spread rapidly in China, threatening the survival of China's catering industry. Many catering industries closed down! Opportunities often coexist with the crisis. After this disaster, the Chinese restaurant industry has ushered in a new wave of development, and various types of catering companies are springing up. A brand-new industry field - raw material of food and beverage, is ready to appear. He firmly believes that this new field will have a broad market prospect. So he quit his job and began to embark on his food entrepreneurial career. He put forward the slogan "from the Cantonese cuisine, serving eight major cuisines" and "standardized production of Chinese food", and at the same time, his products were absorbed as "special products for the Culinary Association Professional Committee."
Yaming Food came into being...
Yaming adheres to the concept of “creating a world-class gourmet brand”, the brand is strong, and the nation strives for the great rejuvenation of the nation. Always centering on the market and satisfying the needs of customers, we have developed a series of food products that are popular with the market. These are the crystallization of the wisdom and professionalism of the people of Amin.
Yaming grasped quality, adhered to integrity, and adhered to the win-win spirit of “people-oriented, hand in hand with Yaming, and shared success”, won the recognition of consumers and won the support of many colleagues in the industry. They expressed their deep thanks for the affiliation and forge ahead with us, and we were deeply grateful! We looked back and looked forward to the ups and downs. We experienced the difficult days of most entrepreneurial ventures, but the people of Yaming did not give up and insisted on doing a good job. Stronger and bigger, Yaming constantly pursues innovation and continues to create perfection. Efforts always have results and pay for them.
We are good at grasping the market, discovering demand, guiding demand, and meeting demand. We have a group of outstanding technical talents. We have a professional team that is hard working, united, progressive, pursuing innovation and never giving up. We have the recognition of many consumers and the support of colleagues in the industry. We believe that the trick is to achieve the ultimate in simple actions, that is, at all.
We believe that life cannot determine the length, but we can determine the width. We use love to sell our products. We believe that the outstanding Amin people will continue to step on a new journey with solid steps.
Reasons for choosing Yaming——
As long as Yaming is here, it ’s easy to cook
• Chinese food standards are more stable
• Save 30% cooking time
• Efficient cuisine restaurant with high efficiency
• 19 strict tests are more focused
• 7D balanced nutrition is healthier
Principles for Developing Partners——
1. The “win-win” principle: learn together, seek common development, and share success;
2. Principle of regional development: development of the second batch, development terminal, and manufacturer win-win;
3. The principle of common progress: Continuously develop and promote new products and maintain position in the industry.
Master secret system
Yaming Corporate Value Guidelines
Our Vision: Build a world-class gourmet brand
Our mission: to make food happy for human life
Our values: customer first, team building, people-oriented, focus on providing customers with value and service, promoting the progress of the food industry era
Our customers: customer value first
Our Product Concept: Only Better Not The Best
Our talent concept: loyalty, integrity, professionalism, enterprising
Our style: earnestly, quickly, and persistently
Our criteria: Customer interests are paramount
Our training: Let us realize our dream together
Our essential success abilities: Effectiveness first, simple, straightforward, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, exceeding expectations, becoming an expert