Yaming's three products were selected for 2017 China's prefabricated packaging dishes CCIC recommended dishes
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Yaming's three products were selected for 2017 China's prefabricated packaging dishes CCIC recommended dishes


Recently, the results of the China Food Industry Association's Frozen and Frozen Food Special Committee’s selection of the 2017 China Pre-packaged Dishes Awards were freshly released. The products of Yaming Pig Neck, Dream Series 8 and Snowflakes of Fujian Yaming Foods Co., Ltd. "Fine Granules" won the award and became the recommended dish for the 2017 China Cold Preserved Committee on Prefabricated Packaging Dishes.

The award of the Recommended Dishes of the CCID is an accreditation of the industry's authority to Yaming Foods and will inspire Yaming Foods to provide more quality products to the general consumers, with safe, healthy, nutritious and delicious foods and caring enthusiasm. Services, giving back recognition and support from all walks of life.
Award-winning product display
Yaming pork neck
The meat fat is evenly distributed like a snowflake, the meat is fresh, the throat is smooth, and the mouth is moderate. It is a special product developed by the Culinary Committee of the Chinese Cuisine Association.
cooking method:
1. When the oil temperature is heated to 40% heat, the thawed pork neck meat will be immersed until it is picked up and grabbed with 70% of the oil temperature. . (It is better to have a little bit of Huai salt or pepper when eating.)
2, can be thawed after the barbecue or knife into a silk soup to do soup and so on.
Dream 8 series
Dream 8 gold bone
The crisp and delicious food is not only a well-known trademark in Putian City, but also a special product for research and development by the Chinese Cuisine Association.
cooking method:
Naturalized frozen gold bone, mix well and put it in oil temperature of 180°C for 3 minutes, reheat oil at 200°C for 30 seconds, pick up the knife and cut it and serve it. When eating, it can be accompanied by parsley, vegetable or salad. Sauce and so on.
Dream 8 sausage
Natural casings, pure meat quality, full body, delicious meat.
cooking method:
1. (1) The microwave oven is heated and thawed; (2) Remove the 4 cutters on both sides of the bowel; (3) Place the microwave oven until it is cooked and ready for consumption.
2, sausage slices, used as accessories and other materials cooked together, such as sausage fried rice, garlic fried sausage.
3, bowel body knife, wok hot oil, cooked in the pot can be eaten after cooking.
Snowflake beef grain
Snow flakes, balanced. With beautiful texture and fresh meat, it has the reputation of "Famous Fujian cuisine".
cooking method:
Naturally chill the beef granules, grasp evenly, heat the pan with cold oil, and put oil on it. Add green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper and onion pieces and stir.