Visiting Delegation of Ireland Fujian Chamber of Commerce visits Yaming company to visit and exchange
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Visiting Delegation of Ireland Fujian Chamber of Commerce visits Yaming company to visit and exchange


On the afternoon of April 15, Chairman Lin Shaowen and Honorary President Chen Daozhong of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, accompanied by Vice Chairman of the Federation of Overseas Chinese of the Fujian Province Weng Xiaojie, came to visit the Yaming Company for an inspection and negotiation, and met with food industry cooperation matters. President Wu Qiming and Vice President Wu Jiaming warmly welcomed the guests.

The delegation visited the Yamin company's corporate honor wall, the brand image shop “Yaming 6A Food Experience Hall” and the talented person’s home in the first floor hall to learn about the outstanding style of Yaming’s company, the characteristics of the main products, and the sales situation. The company's four major systems and two declarations, team building and patented technology and other aspects.

On the third floor, after visiting the Mayor's Party building cultural corridor unique to the company, the delegation visited the fifth floor to learn about the company's technical support and external construction. The president, Mr. Wu Qiming, introduced the company's software development team and e-commerce to the delegation. Platform, indicating that we must actively embrace the Internet era and open up new marketing methods

After the visit, the two parties carried out exchanges and discussions on related matters of cooperation. The delegation demonstrated the intention of cooperation and pointed out that Ireland has abundant raw materials for food, there are huge market opportunities, and the current investment environment is better. It is recommended that the company organizes overseas inspections. , Overseas investment, local processing and sales, and joint development of domestic and foreign markets. In response, President Wu Qiming stated that the company has always emphasized the need to organize production, collaborate in sales, and integrate more interest partners so as to promote the company to become bigger and stronger, and finally achieve the ambitious goal of pushing standardized Chinese cuisine to the world. To build a standardized production base for Chinese food and promote the Chinese food culture has always been the great mission of the company.
Faced with the accelerating global economic integration, Yaming has been fully prepared to integrate into the international environment, seize opportunities, explore foreign markets, and redouble its efforts to promote the internationalization of the brand.