Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd

Brand Story

Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China is known as the "Pomelo Capital" and the hometown of Lin Yutang, a world language master. On August 17, 1971, a baby boy came to a poor peasant family. His parents named him "Wu Qiming" when they were delighted ". In a flash, he dropped out of school at the age of 17. Like most young people in southern Fujian who went out to work hard, he came to a small restaurant in Xiamen to work as an apprentice. In the baptism of years, from small apprentice, junior chef, intermediate chef to chef. While sprinkling sweat, I also gained the first precious wealth of life experience!

In the spring of 2003, SARS spread rapidly in China, threatening the survival of China's catering industry, and many catering industries closed down! Opportunities often coexist with crises. After the disaster, China's catering industry ushered in a new wave of development, all kinds of catering enterprises have sprung up. A new industry field-catering specialty ingredients, ready to come out. He firmly believes that this new field will have a broad market prospect. So he quit his job and started his food business. He put forward the slogans of "originating from Cantonese cuisine, serving eight major cuisines" and "standardized production of Chinese food". At the same time, his products were absorbed as "special products for the Professional Committee of Famous Chefs of China Cuisine Association".

Yaming Food came into being......

A strong brand makes a strong nation, and the concept of striving hard for the great rejuvenation of the nation, adhere to faith and unswervingly. Always market-oriented, to meet customer needs as the core, developed a series of widely favored by the market catering specialty food. These are the crystallization of the concentrated and professional wisdom of the Yaming people.

Yaming grasps quality, adheres to integrity, and has won the recognition of consumers and the support of many colleagues in the industry in the win-win spirit of "people-oriented, hand in hand with Yaming, and sharing success. They are in the same boat with us through thick and thin, hand in hand, sharing weal and woe, and we express our deep gratitude! Looking back, ups and downs, we have experienced the hard days of starting a business in most enterprises, but the Yaming people never give up and insist on doing well, strengthening and expanding themselves; the Yaming people continue to pursue and create. Efforts always have results, pay will eventually be rewarded.

We are good at grasping the market, discovering demand, guiding demand and meeting demand. We have a group of technical personnel, we have a hard-working, unity and forge ahead, never give up the professional team. We have the recognition of many consumers and the support of colleagues in the industry. We believe that the trick is to do a good job in simple actions, that is, to be completely.

We believe that life can not determine the length, but can determine the width, we sell products with love. We believe that the outstanding Yaming people will still step on solid steps as always and embark on a new journey.


Enterprise concept

Integrity, win-win, create value for customers.

Enterprise spirit

spirit of enterprise

Living in danger, thinking forward, realistic and innovative, united, pragmatic and rigorous.

Corporate culture

Enterprise culture

Innovation is the soul, manpower is the root, quality is the root, keeping pace with the times and achieving the future.

Management philosophy

management concept

People-oriented, institutionalized management, standardized work, procedural, analytical data.

Talent View

talent view

Attitude determines ability, ability is more important than education, ability is first, loyalty is important, contribution is important, and both ability and political integrity are important.

Advocate for spirit

advocating spirit

Diligent steadfast, advocating enterprising, the courage to innovate.