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Good news! Yaming Company Won the First Prize of "Science and Technology Award of China Food Industry Association" in 2021

2021-12-18 11:17

On the afternoon of October 11, the 21st China Convenience Food Conference and Convenience Food Exhibition was successfully concluded in Beijing. With the theme of "From Trend to Advantage", the conference summarized and commended the achievements of the convenience food industry in recent years. At the same time, it also gathered a number of food companies and expert teams to conduct in-depth discussions on the future development of the convenience food industry. Two star products of Yaming Food Company-Snowflake Cattle Grain and Lotus Glutinous Rice Chicken won the "2020-2021 Outstanding Innovative Products in China's Convenience Food Industry" award.

2021-10-17 10:01

According to the recommendations of local business federations (industry associations), relevant professional associations, enterprise groups, scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning, and approved by the preliminary evaluation, expert evaluation and evaluation committee organized by the China Federation of Commerce, a total of 409 national business science and technology progress awards (14 special prizes, 98 first prizes, 110 second prizes and 187 third prizes) were selected. Among them, the scientific research project "Key Technology and Industrialization of Low Sodium and Fresh Seasoning Manufacturing" jointly completed by Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. won the special prize of "2020 China Federation of Commerce Science and Technology Award-National Business Science and Technology Progress Award". Chairman Wu Qiming of Yaming Company is one of the main completers of the project.

2021-10-16 09:59

On June 29, the province's "two excellent and one first" commendation meeting was held in Fujian Hall to solemnly commend outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding party workers and advanced grass-roots party organizations in our province. Zhang Lifen, Secretary of the Party Branch, Vice President of Finance, and Economist of Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd., was commended as "Excellent Party Worker in Fujian Province".

2021-07-02 17:26

In order to commend the advanced, publicize the typical examples, establish a down-to-earth and strive for perfection, and carry forward the social fashion of glorious labor and great model workers, on May 14, the leaders of Putian Federation of trade unions visited Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. to carry out the commendation activity of "Fujian May 1 Labor Medal in 2021.

2021-05-15 11:35

On April 14, Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. held a grand innovation award ceremony for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020 in the lobby on the first floor of Yaming Development Building. The five groups that won the innovation team award and the five employees who won the individual quarterly innovation award were awarded.

2021-04-15 17:14

On December 6, at the 2020 "China Food Industry Association Science and Technology Award" award ceremony, the outstanding projects of the 2018-2019 "China Food Industry Association Science and Technology Award" were announced and advanced units were commended. Among them, the scientific research project "Innovation and Application of Key Technologies for Chinese Surimi Dishes Processing" of Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the "2020 China Food Industry Association Science and Technology Award.

2020-12-11 15:45

In the face of the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, Yaming company to charge the posture, the responsibility of the supplier, the identity of the producer, the first time to take action, donations and materials, resume work and production, to ensure stable prices, with practical actions to help fight the epidemic war, with the responsibility to write great love.

2020-11-11 11:44

On the morning of September 27, Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. brought 60 large gift boxes, including pasta series products, pill series products, and new rice burger products, to the third squadron of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Chengxiang Branch of the Putian Public Security Bureau. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, condolences to the traffic police comrades who "serve the people", adding a strong atmosphere to the arrival of the double festival. At the same time, the 3rd Squadron of Chengxiang Traffic Police also presented Yaming Company with the banner of "Yaming Makes Food Happy Life and Traffic Police Guarantees People's Travel Safety" to express its gratitude to the enterprise.

2020-09-27 08:54

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