Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd


  • "Quick-frozen flour products quality improvement key technology innovation and application" project won the China Food Industry Association Science and Technology Award special prize
  • The project "Innovation and Application of Key Technologies and Equipment for Marine Fish-derived Protein Processing" won the first prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Dream 8 Gold Medal Bone, Dream 8 Sausage (Black Pepper Flavor), Han Ao Tongue and Yaming Pig Neck Meat Won iSEE Global Award, the Largest Comprehensive Professional Award in the Food Industry


  • Become the tenth vice president of Fujian food industry association unit
  • Re-approved national high-tech enterprises
  • Together with China Food Industry Association, China Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Innovation Demonstration Base and China Prefabricated Vegetable R & D Center
  • Approved national intellectual property advantage enterprises
  • The "Star Enterprise" Honorary Plaque of "Ten Thousand Enterprises Prospering Ten Thousand Villages" Helping Villages to Enrich the People
  • Chairman Wu Qiming was elected "Standing Committee Member of the Eighth CPPCC Putian Municipal Committee"


  • Approved to be promoted to the provincial "Wu Qiming skill master studio"
  • Xiamen Center of Yaming Company Established
  • The scientific research project "Key Technology and Industrialization of Low Sodium and Fresh Seasoning Manufacturing" won the special prize of "2020 China Business Federation Science and Technology Award-National Business Science and Technology Progress Award"
  • The company's products snowflake cattle grains and lotus glutinous rice chicken won the "2020-2021 China's convenience food industry outstanding innovative products" award.
  • Rice Noodles Products Self-owned Brands Exported to the United States


  • Won the Fujian Provincial People's Government Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Recognized as Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
  • Undertaking the 3rd China Chinese Cuisine Industry Development Summit Forum
  • Building "China (Fujian) Chinese Food Standardization Industrial Base" with China Food Industry Association"
  • Undertake the "Yaming Cup" 2020 National Seafood Cooking Invitational Tournament, won the "Special Contribution Award" of China Cuisine Association"
  • Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. food safety science education base was officially inaugurated
  • During the prevention and control of the epidemic, millions of food supplies were donated to Hubei.


  • Established Wu Qiming Skill Master Studio
  • Establishment of Provincial "Academician Expert Workstation" -- Sun Baoguo Academician Workstation of Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd.
  • "The research and application project of key technologies for the industrial production of Chinese meat dishes won the Science and Technology Award of the China Food Industry Association.
  • Won the "National High-tech Enterprise"
  • The company's Chinese "prefabricated packaged dishes" group standard was officially released and implemented.
  • "Abalone deep processing and comprehensive utilization of key technology innovation and industrial application" project won the 2018 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Awarded the "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" of Fujian Province"


  • Hold the "Building Dream Yaming, Win-Win Future" Yaming Brand Release and Order Meeting and Move Celebration Meeting, and officially release the new brand LOGO
  • "Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. Vocational Skills Appraisal Station" Held Chinese Cooking Vocational Skills Appraisal Examination
  • To undertake the first "China Chinese cuisine industry development summit forum" to promote the industrialization, scale and brand integration of traditional staple food and Chinese cuisine industry


  • The new factory was completed and put into operation, moved from the old factory to the new factory, and took the step of intelligent factory.
  • The products "Dream 8 Gold Medal Bone" and "Snowflake Bull Grain" have become "Famous Snacks" in Fujian Province
  • Become the first Chinese cuisine brand enterprise in the country to pass the certification of the "integration of the two" management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Established the "Yaming Charity Foundation" to help students with love, targeted poverty alleviation, and return to the society, becoming the honorary director unit of the China Cuisine Association's Famous Chef Committee


  • Established and officially renamed as "Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd"
  • Research and development of new products dream 8 gold medal bone, with the excellent results of the 08 Olympic Games to show a healthy body and gold medal quality


Yaming Food Factory, Chengxiang District, Putian City, was founded in "The Hometown of Mazu", Putian, China