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Activity Report | Yaming Food Tasting Meeting-Huaihua Station Successfully Ends!

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2023-08-08 17:30

On April 21, 2019, the most beautiful April day in the world, the food tasting meeting of Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Huaihua, "Hecheng. This event attracted the participation of many representatives of the catering industry and chefs. The guests gathered together to share the new touches on the tip of the tongue and promote the new economy on the tip of the tongue. Yaming Foods has been committed to building a green, healthy, high-quality and efficient Chinese food standardization industrial base, actively promoting Chinese food culture, innovating and developing Fujian cuisine, setting a benchmark for Fujian food ingredients, and showing the excellent tradition and flavor essence of Fujian food. -On-site guests read Yaming's product brochure- In this event, in order to let everyone feast their eyes and mouths, we prepared a variety of ingredients in advance; through the joint efforts of the staff, a series of delicacies began to appear in front of our eyes. Yaming Foods offers guests a wide range of star hotel dishes. The dishes include garlic spareribs, snowflake beef grains, dream 8 sausage, spiced rolls, a mouthful of sausage, red jujube yogurt bags, etc. In the food tasting session, everyone said glad you came. -Present the wonderful trivia of the on-site guests tasting delicious food- Yaming Food Tasting and Ordering Exchange Meeting-Huaihua Station Successfully Ends. We will continue to adhere to the brand pursuit of "let the world have no difficult food", take the strategic goal of creating "10 billion output value, 100 years Yaming", and take the production and marketing of safe, green, healthy and nutritious delicious food as the constant mission, and wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality service! Welcome to the majority of hotel catering enterprise customer consultation to understand! On the way to food innovation, we have not stopped. Next stop, let's look forward to it!

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