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Yaming Food Tasting and Ordering Exchange Xi 'an Station | Strength Conquers Your Taste Buds

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2023-08-08 17:30

On April 22, 2019, the food tasting and ordering exchange meeting of Fujian Yaming Food Co., Ltd. kicked off in Xi'an. The event invited many gourmet people and representatives of the catering industry to come to the hotel for tasting.



The Yaming food tasting will enter the ancient capital of Xi 'an, a famous historical city. Xi 'an not only has a long cultural history, but also contains extensive and profound northwest food culture. The dishes of the tasting will integrate the local food characteristics. Through the exquisite cooking skills of Xi 'an famous chefs, Yaming food with all kinds of colors, flavors and flavors will be cooked.






Yaming Food Tasting and Ordering Exchange Meeting Xi 'an Station Successfully Ends! With food to dialogue, with high-quality ingredients and a serious attitude to do food, access to the industry's recognition.



As the writing unit of China's prefabricated cuisine group meal standard and the drafting unit of China's freezing and refrigeration group standard, Yaming Company has devoted itself to 16 years of hard work, creating a brand with ingenuity, seeking development through innovation, starting from Fujian, carrying forward Chinese food culture, promoting Chinese food to the world, and is committed to building a green, healthy, high-quality and efficient Chinese food standardization industrial base.

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