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Yaming New Product Recommend Authentic Wild Flip Flower Small Octopus Delicious from Deep Sea

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2023-08-08 17:30



Yaming small octopus

Delicious from the deep sea

Fresh sea catch/full-court lock fresh/pure taste

Selected Yellow Sea Wild Octopus,

Ensure good quality from the source.

Fresh processing low temperature lock fresh.

Remove teeth, remove eyes and viscera.

White color, fleshy, fat, tender and delicious,

Let a person aftertaste endless fresh Q bomb!

Product specifications: 400 g/pack 12 packs/piece

Product features: crisp taste, toughness



Cold chain logistics whole lock fresh

High-tech guarantees excellent quality,

High quality achievements good taste.

Using professional deep-sea seafood production process,

Imported German equipment,

0 ℃-4 ℃ constant temperature processing,

-30 ℃ below the frozen storage,

Full Shunfeng cold chain distribution,

The ingredients are brought to you.


Spicy Fried Small Octopus

香辣味美入口劲道弹牙Spicy, delicious and delicious

White Seared Small Octopus

原汁原味味道鲜美可口Original taste delicious


cooking method

remove teeth/eyes/gutsSave the trouble

Direct cleaning can be cooked in the pot

1. Thawing: directly put the "small octopus" into water for thawing, and take it out after 20 minutes;

2. Heat the water in the pan, pour cooking wine, green onions and ginger slices, and blanch the octopus for 1-2 minutes until the octopus rolls up;

3. Quickly place the scalded octopus in ice water for ice, so that the taste will be more crisp;

4. Use soy sauce, mustard, red pepper, garlic and coriander to prepare a sauce for later use.


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