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[Mango Yogurt Package] High Color Value Innovative Products for Summer Customers ~

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2023-08-08 17:30

Mango Yogurt Package New Products Listed

-Yaming Port Point Ekang Series-


Many people have no appetite in the hot weather. This noodle can cure you! Mango yogurt, is a clear stream of summer. It can also sell in hot summer!


The blessing of mango, the sweet and sweet of mango collide with the refreshing of yogurt, and the fusion of the two collides with a fragrant taste. It makes people have no resistance!



The natural fragrance of mango

Along the yogurt flowing in the mouth dispersion,

Yogurt becomes fragrant and sweet because of mango,

Mango is smooth and smooth with yogurt.


-Good raw materials make good quality-


Master secret dough fermentation process

Select sunshine wheat flour to ensure that the dough is soft and dense, the dough is not hard at low temperature, and the taste is softer -18 ℃ freezing process


Yaming Mango Yogurt Pack ·


Selected mango yogurt as stuffing, fresh milk as raw material, adding a certain proportion of sucrose, after high-temperature sterilization and cooling, and then adding pure lactic acid bacteria to cultivate a dairy product, fresh mango with yogurt, taste sweet and sour.




Yan value is high

Fresh mango grains visible

bright golden color

Yan value full marks

good taste

National favorite yogurt flavor

Summer Mango Flavor

Pairwise combination 1 1>2

Product specifications: 400g10 tablets 10 packs/piece

Note: Warming up will affect the quality of the product. Do not freeze and refrigerate,

Please eat as soon as possible after opening to ensure product quality.


· Just heat and eat ·


Cooking:After removing the outer package, there is no need to thaw it. Put it in a steamer or electric cooker and steam it for 8-10 minutes after the water boils;

Microwave:No need to thaw, if has been thawed, sprinkle a little water on this product, cover the microwave oven special plastic wrap, microwave 1-2 minutes can be eaten.



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