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Master's Secret System Unique "Sauce" Heart Chinese Cooking Skills Sauce Method Youdao

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2023-08-08 17:30

Sauce,It refers to a cooking method in which the raw materials are put into the sauce prepared in advance and boiled over medium and small heat until cooked and rotten. In the early days of this method, sauce must be used as seasoning. Soy sauce has been used instead of sauce, which is similar to the "halogen" method. The raw materials are mostly meat and are generally used for cold food. The dishes cooked with the sauce method are reddish brown in color and rich in sauce flavor.

There are many kinds of sauce making methods, the common ones are the original sauce method, the semi-original sauce method, the clear sauce method, the old soup sauce method and the marinated sauce method.


Sauce method

The sauce is now cooked, and the amount of sauce should be just flooded with raw materials. After the dishes are made, the thick sauce is directly used to wrap the dishes. Or take out the dish, boil the rest of the sauce into a thick juice and apply it on the dish. Such as sauce elbow flower, sauce pork belly, sauce fish.



half-original sauce method

This kind of sauce method is similar to the original sauce method, except that the dishes are taken out after being made, and then about 40% of the remaining sauce is boiled into thick juice with medium heat and applied to the sauce. After the finished product is changed into a knife and put into a plate, about 20% of the sauce is poured on the dishes, such as pickled duck, etc. In addition, the excess sauce boiled after cooling preservation, used as an old sauce soup.



clear sauce method

The raw materials are cooked in the sauce and then taken out of the pot. Sesame oil is smeared on the surface while it is hot. Air it to eat, such as sauce meat.



Chen Tang sauce method


Also known as "old soup sauce". This method must use spices when preparing sauces, generally including star anise, cinnamon, pepper, fennel, clove, tsaoko, etc. There are more than 20 or 30 varieties, which can be increased or decreased. After the sauce is made, remove it and apply sesame oil. All the remaining sauce must be left behind, like the set of bittern in the bittern method, which is applied for many years. The more the sauce is made, the more fragrant it is, the longer it is.



marinated sauce method

The raw materials are cooked in the sauce, and the sauce is poured into a container. The sauce is soaked in the sauce. After it is completely cooled, the sauce is taken out and eaten with the sauce.



modulation of sauce

Soy sauce is reused in the prepared sauce, and some spices are additionally added. The preparation method is as follows: 100g of refined salt, 1000g of soy sauce, 500g of cooking wine, 200g of scallion segments, 150g of ginger pieces, 50g of pepper, 80g of star anise and 60g of cinnamon are put into a stainless steel barrel, 5000g of clear water is mixed, and boiled over heat for about 30 minutes.


In order to make the color of the sauce more beautiful, red rice or sugar can be added to the sauce;

In order to make the flavor of the sauce more intense, you can also add tangerine peel, licorice, tsaoko, clove, fennel, cardamom, amomum and other spices in the sauce.


Selection and processing of raw materials for sauce making

Material selection

The raw materials suitable for the sauce method are generally meat materials, including pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, and heads, hooves, and dirty miscellaneous materials. The choice of sauce is more refined than marinated pork. For example, pork with sauce should be selected with tender meat and thin skin. Elbow and pork belly are preferred, followed by those with large fat and thick fat. Sauce beef should be lean meat without tendons.



The raw materials of sauce are usually pickled with salt for a period of time, then washed with blood and dirt, then cut into large pieces weighing 500-1000g, blanched in a boiling water pot, and then put into the sauce.


Special sauce method

According to the needs of the dish, the raw material sauce is made with special techniques. There are roughly the following three methods:

Sauce sauce method

Also known as braised sauce. It is based on the general sauce method, with red rice coloring, adding sugar. When cooking the sauce, add 2/3 of the white sugar to the sauce, then add the raw materials, cook until the product is moderately soft and rotten, then add the remaining white sugar to the remaining sauce, and fry with a small fire (stir-fry continuously to prevent burning the sauce) until the sauce is thin and paste, scoop the pan into the container, and evenly brush the sauce on each piece of product before the sauce is served or sold. In addition, when the sauce is cooked, the remaining white sugar is put into the sauce and boiled together, and finally the juice is collected. Or after the sauce is ripe and comes out of the pan, sprinkle the remaining white sugar on the sauce. The sauce made by the sauce sauce method is dark cherry-colored, shiny, and salty with sweet taste.



honey sauce method

Raw materials are generally cut into small pieces, such as meat into 2.5cm square pieces, pork chops into small pieces. When making sauce, first mix the raw materials evenly with refined salt, cooking wine and soy sauce, marinate for about 2 hours, then fry in a hot oil pan until the crusty and yellow color is taken out, then put into the net pan, add fresh soup, old sauce and a small amount of refined salt, boil over heat for about 5 minutes and take out;

Prepare another pot, mix a little fresh soup, add white sugar, spiced powder, red rice, sugar color, add the raw materials, cook until the product is soft and rotten, then scoop a little juice and pour it on the finished product, that is, serve. There are also some raw materials that are no longer cooked in a pan of sauce after frying, but are poured on the fried products in another pan of sauce, but when this method is used, the dishes are not tasty. The sauce made by the honey sauce method is brown, shiny, thick, delicious and sweet with salty.



sweet and sour sauce method

Change the raw materials to the knife, pickle the basin with salt for a while, fry it in a hot oil pan, pour it into the sauce made of water, white sugar, vinegar and chili powder, and cook it. The finished product is golden and shiny, with fragrant, fresh, sour, sweet, spicy, and other characteristics, such as sweet and sour pork ribs in Hunan.



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