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New Products on the Market | Treasure Abalone from Mazu's Hometown

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2023-08-08 17:30

Abalone is a valuable traditional Chinese food, ranking first among the four major seafood, known as "a mouthful of abalone" praise. Abalone is the choice of ingredients for high-end banquets and a standing dish for large banquets such as state banquets. It is difficult to store fresh abalone for a long time after going out to sea. The fresh abalone is frozen and locked at low temperature through a special process to maximize the fresh and original taste of abalone.


26 ℃ N Latitude Natural Sea Area

Treasure Abalone from Mazu's Hometown

Growing in the original ecological sea area of Fujian

Fujian high quality abalone origin

China National Geographical Indications Products

A perennial diet of high-quality kelp and seaweed

Unique geographical environment makes quality natural and pure


Fresh processing low temperature quick freezing

Deep sea fishing, fresh frozen, lock fresh delicious.

Rapid freezing technology is adopted, miscellaneous washing is carried out in one go, belly removal and tooth removal are carried out to ensure fresh quality, and the whole process of cold chain logistics storage and transportation is carried out.


Body fat shell bright fleshy hypertrophy

The meat is tender and delicious, and the color is beige.

Abalone meat is full and thick and has a unique sweet taste. It does not need any seasoning. It is delicious when cooked in a pan.


The taste is fresh and full of toughness

Fleshy hypertrophy, tender Q-bomb, fresh sweet mellow, fresh sweet aftertaste.

Abalone is known for its real material and delicious taste. Abalone does not shrink significantly after cooking.

Yaming New Products Listed

Live frozen abalone

Choose live abalone, clean to dirty, after blanching processing. After the ice is defrosted, it can be directly added to the pot, which saves more time for cooking.

Note:Should not be boiled/steamed, fully thawed after boiling water cooking 30-60 seconds can be eaten.


nutritional value


Abalone is rich in protein, there are more calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin A and other nutrients.

2. Abalone has high nutritional value and is rich in globulin, which is 7 times that of Australian walnut.

3. Abalone can nourish yin and clear heat, nourish liver, improve eyesight, solid kidney, adjust adrenal gland secretion, and regulate blood pressure.

4. The meat of abalone also contains the ingredients of "Bao Su", which can destroy the necessary metabolic substances of cancer cells.


Delicious Recipe for Live Frozen Abalone

After thawing can be directly into the pot, cooking more time-saving

braised abalone

After thawing this product, put the pot on fire, pour the soup, add salt, soy sauce, and lower abalone to taste, then thicken with wet starch, add tail oil when the juice is collected, and put into the pot.

Steamed egg with abalone

After thawing, add the eggs and water to the refined salt, beat well, put them into the abalone, steam for 5-8 minutes, add the steamed fish soy sauce, sprinkle the chopped green onion, and pour the oil.


Braised Abalone with Cordyceps Flower

After thawing, put the Cordyceps flower and abalone in a bowl with ginger, cooking wine and salt, and stew for 1-2 minutes.

Steamed Abalone with Garlic and Vermicelli

After thawing, place the soaked vermicelli and fried garlic on the shell, add abalone, pour cooking wine and steamed fish soy sauce, steam in a pan for 2 minutes, sprinkle with chopped green onion, pour with rolling oil.


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