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Master Secret | The secret recipe for pork with plum dishes, Chinese cooking masters teach you how to do it!

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2023-08-08 17:30

It is said that after the people of the Central Plans moved south, they lived in poverty, and many people were engaged in physical work with great labor intensity. Usually very few meat, and fatty food can effectively satisfy hunger. The dishes they eat taste salty, and the sauces they use are relatively simple. Generally, they are only seasoned with raw onions, cooked garlic and coriander.

The Hakka people make pork belly with ingredients, and then cook the meat on dried plum vegetables to make a delicious dish with oily color and rich aroma. With the passage of time, this dish has gradually become famous, that is, we often taste the "plum vegetables buckle meat 」.


Yaming cooking master teaches you how to make a delicious plum dish pork ~



Pork with plum

Preparation: delicate pork belly, dried plum, scallion and ginger slices, pepper, south milk (red rotten milk), barbecued pork sauce, soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, star anise, dried chili


Delicate pork belly


In the first step, the dried plum vegetables are soaked in cold water four hours in advance, washed several times after soaking, washed off the residue inside, and then squeezed out the water for later use.


Soak dried plum


Squeeze off the water


The second step is to add water, scallion, ginger and pepper in the pot, and then put the pork belly into the pot and cover the pot for 20 minutes. After cooking, take it out.




fish out


The third step is to brush a layer of old smoke on the skin of the cooked pork belly.


Brush old smoke


The fourth step is to add oil to the pot and boil it until it is 60% hot. The pork belly is covered with the lid and fried for about two minutes until the hot skin has bubbles.




Fried pork belly


Step 5: Take it out and put it on the chopping board and cut it into thick slices.




Step 6: After cutting, put the pork belly slices into a basin, add south milk, soy sauce and barbecued pork sauce and marinate for 20 minutes.


South milk


Soy sauce




Step 7: After marinating, use a bowl and put the pork belly skin down neatly into the bowl.


Put it in a bowl


Step 8: Heat the oil in the pan, add scallion, ginger, dried chili and anise to fry.


Fried spices


Step 7: Stir-fry the dried plum vegetables in a pan for about 4 minutes, add salt, chicken essence and two juices of pickled pork belly into stir-fry for 2 minutes.


Into the plum vegetables


Pickle pork belly sauce


Step 8: Pour the fried plum vegetables into a bowl of pork belly, cover the pot and steam for 90 minutes.


Pour the plum


neatly arranged


Steamed with lid


Step 9: Take it out after steaming. Pour the juice from the bowl into another bowl. Don't throw the juice away.


Pour the juice


Step 10, then buckle the plum vegetables upside down in a dinner plate.


Inverted buckle


Step 11, then put lettuce leaves on the side, and pour the juice just poured into the bowl on the meat skin.


Pour the soup


Pork with plum


Can't you learn such detailed plum dishes?


1. Cover the pot cover when frying the pork belly, and be especially careful not to splash oil on people;

2. The pork belly must be selected with distinct levels.


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