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Children's Day, there is no soul without TA

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2023-08-08 17:30

-Childeren's day-

Every year on Children's Day,

Children, big and small, came out,

It seems that this day is especially easy to recall when I was a child.

To children who want to grow up

And you who don't want to grow up

Everyone has two childhoods,

When I was a child, my mother accompanied you through childhood,

Now, it is your childhood with your children.


Happy Children's Day



May you be like a child

Don't change your heart

Easily defeated by food.

This year's Children's Day we accompany you

Prepare sweet food for your children,

Find the fading innocence,

Enjoy the simplest happiness ~



Walnut bag

/like walnut puzzle brain/

The appearance resembles walnut, brown sugar is sweet and soft in the skin, and large walnut grains are fragrant and crisp. One bite, the tip of the tongue is surrounded by white chocolate, fragrant and silky, so that you are immersed in a full sense of happiness.



Desiccated Coconut Bag

/Coconut fragrance overflowing soft waxy silky/

Coconut flavor is rich, see the coconut paste embellishment, refined dough, big and full, thin and stuffing, stuffing with unique formula. Delicate taste, warm Q-bomb, close your mouth and feel endless aftertaste.



Jujube Yogurt Pack

/Jujube milk melt entrance fragrant smooth/

Fresh milk is used as raw material, sucrose is added, after high-temperature sterilization and cooling, and then dairy products cultured by pure lactic acid bacteria are added. The taste is sweet and sour, fine and smooth, and it is integrated with red dates. Each bite is tangled and delicious, soft and smooth.



Oatmeal Potato Bag

/cute delicacies are sweet and delicious/

The appearance is realistic like a potato, and I fell in love with it at first glance. Sandwich oatmeal potato bag, delicate taste mixed with wheat. The soft-skinned dough, with a sweet filling, is a capital satisfaction for each bite.



Roasted meat and potato bag

The round potato skin is lifelike in shape, and another net red product after the dirty bag. After the potato bag is bitten open, it is full of aroma of meat filling, very real, every bite is memorable.

cooking method


● Steamed:

After the water in the pot boils, take out the product without thawing, put it into a steamer, steam for 6 - 8 minutes on medium heat, and then eat.


● Microwave:

Without thawing, put the pasta into a special steam box for microwave oven, add a little boiled water, 800 watts of microwave for about 1 minute, increase or decrease according to the number of products, and adjust the microwave time appropriately.


Yaming New Product-Hong Kong Point Yikang Series Nakagi




"You sweep the red envelope I give a big gift"


Scan Yaming Activity Products

Packing bag/packing box inside the red envelope code

You can receive cash red envelopes.

Each red envelope code has a prize

Can also accumulate points to exchange surprise gifts



Scan code to view [unpacking prize] activities



Sweep the code to view the [Open Package Bonus] activity


Sweep the code quickly

Come and get the prize!


Sweeping Code Attention Makes You Always Childlike Innocence


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