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Yaming Food Tasting and Ordering Exchange-Nantong Station

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2023-08-08 17:30

On May 23, 2019, the Yaming Food Tasting and Ordering Exchange Conference was grandly held at the "Jianghai Pearl" Tiannan Hotel in Nantong City. This event gathered the enthusiastic participation of representatives of catering companies and chefs from all over the world. Open this gluttonous feast that integrates vision, touch and taste.



At the tasting meeting, a variety of original Yaming healthy food materials were brought. The products presented at the ordering meeting included Han Ao Tongue, Temptation Cowboy Bone, Dream 8 Gold Medal Bone, Dream 8 Sausage, Fresh Crab Willow, Garlic Spareribs, Mashed Coconut Bag, Red Jujube Yogurt Bag, Potato Oat Bag, Oat Roast Meat Bag, quicksand Bag, etc.



After careful cooking by the chef, a series of exquisite and delicious Yaming dishes are presented at close range in front of the guests. Yaming's many new products are pastry, which makes people love "mouth". After tasting, many guests directly become "true love powder", which also makes businesses stop to learn about product information and seek cooperation solutions.



Yaming Food Tasting and Ordering Exchange Meeting Nantong Station Successfully Ends! Every time the production of fresh ingredients is the multiple enjoyment of taste, smell and vision. Yaming Food, with the heart of a craftsman, has never stopped on the road of food innovation. Looking forward to the next tasting!



Yaming Food pursues excellence and pays close attention to the quality of ingredients from the source. As the writing unit of China's prefabricated cuisine group meal standard and the drafting unit of China's freezing and refrigeration group standard, Yaming Company has devoted itself to 16 years of hard work, creating a brand with ingenuity, seeking development through innovation, starting from Fujian, carrying forward Chinese food culture, promoting Chinese food to the world, and is committed to building a green, healthy, high-quality and efficient Chinese food standardization industrial base.


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