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Master secret] table essential nutrition dish-oyster sauce beef fillet

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2023-08-08 17:30

Beef Tenderloin Oyster Sauce

It is a well-known dish.

Beef is bright in color, ruddy and full.

The meat is smooth and tasty, the meat is delicate, fresh and refreshing.



Beef protein, high amino acid content, less calories,
Almost no fat, weight loss period can be assured to eat.



Beef Tenderloin Oyster Sauce

The table must-have fast-hand nutritious dishes


1Selected ingredients taste authentic

Select pure imported beef and cut it into 4mm uniform slices to avoid uneven thickness leading to different cooking degree affecting tenderness.Vacuum tumblingfully marinatedAfter the meat is more tender, the master's secret beef fillet cooking is very simple.


2Cost-effective, time-saving and labor-saving


Yaming beef fillet is compared with beef fillet purchased directly on the market.

Yaming Beef Tenderloin

Save time and effort:

Just defrost, cook

Low price: Bulk purchases

No loss: Yamin undertakes


traditional beef fillet

cumbersome steps:

Cleaning sliced pickling cooking

High price: Market buying

More loss: culling fascia


Yaming oyster sauce beef fillet product specifications: 300g × 25 packs


3Eating convenient nutrition fast

Beef is a very delicious ingredients! It is widely used in various dishes.


Oyster Sauce Beef Tenderloin Practice Steps

1. After thawing naturally, open the bag and put it into the container and stir evenly. Cut garlic, ginger and green and red pepper for later use;



2. Put beef fillet into 40% hot oil to 90% ripe, and remove the oil;



3. Add garlic, ginger and green and red pepper to another oil pan and stir-fry them, add beef fillet, stir-fry them evenly, serve them and put them on a plate.



This beef fillet in oyster sauce, fragrant and crisp green and red pepper with thick beef fillet in tender sauce, is not strong and spicy, and is very delicious!


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Yaming Beef Tenderloin Oyster SauceNo-cutting, no-washing, no-pickling

Open the bag to cook delicious instant possession

Chef Easily Cooking Diners linger




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