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Yaming Food Experience Hall-Licheng Flagship Store Held Food Tasting Exhibition

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2023-08-08 17:30

Late spring and early summer, the sun is shining. On May 12, Mother's Day, Yaming Food Experience Hall-Licheng Flagship Store held a food tasting exhibition in Putian Xinyi Xintiandi Square.



The weekend square adds a bit of excitement, and people who come and go seem to be looking for food. Yaming Food Experience Hall-Licheng Flagship Store prepared tents, freezers, tables, steamers, fryers and vegetable mold displays early in the morning, and brought delicacies such as Dream 8 Gold Bone, Dream 8 Sausage, Yaming Pig Neck Meat, Oat Potato Bags and Five-spiced Meat Rolls for on-site tasting activities.



Licheng flagship store displayed Yaming's food products. People were in a hurry. Adults were pulling children who were playing. Some stopped to watch Yaming's publicity pictures, and some went to the table to pick up the prepared food to taste. After some tasting, everyone praised Yaming's gourmet products one after another.



The excellent quality of the gold medal bone, the fullness and uniformity of the sausage, the fat and crisp of the pork neck, etc., all teased the taste buds of every diner present. There are too many delicious food. In the world of food, it is full of spicy sweet and sour and endless aftertaste.



This food tasting exhibition was successfully held, and there will be more food gatherings waiting for everyone to taste together.



Yaming Foods is committed to promoting the Chinese catering culture, enhancing the influence of the Chinese nation's catering, and is determined to create a century-old Yaming brand that is beneficial to employees, customers, industries and society, so as to build a green, healthy, high-quality and efficient Chinese food standardization industry base.


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